Where to use SIQURA™

SIQURA™ eliminates the need for different types of products for different surfaces making staying safe easier than ever.

Easily added to your regular cleaning protocols SIQURA™ products have been designed and developed to be used where you need them most. From personal hand cleansing to whole building sanitation SIQURA™ is working 24/7 to keep you safe for up to 30 days.

Hospitality Outdoor

Outdoor Dining

Now it is all the rage. Make sure your customers are as secure as possible with Stay Clean’s SIQURA™



Have your guests stay and sleep secure knowing you have prolonged protection from SIQURA™



Stay cutting and grooming with the surety of SIQURA™ protecting you people and your clients

Meat Processing

Meat Processing

This is ‘Mission Critical’ for you, your team and the customers you serve. You have to be Comprehensively COVID Secure

Hospitality Indoor

Hospitality & Entertainment

The sector that has been hit hard by COVID. Hit back and stay in business with Stay Clean and SIQURA™

Medical Centre

Medical Centres

Possibly the most sensitive environment with the highest need for the most comprehensive hygiene security. Protect valuable front line staff and your patients with SIQURA™ and Stay Clean’s applications protocols.



Stay open and stay full with the comfort and security that SIQURA™ is protecting your guests and team.

Food Processing

Food Processing

Adopt a new process of protection and security with Stay Clean to keep your business growing in a new COVID-normal world.



Yes, you can! You can stay open and keep your members secure with long-lasting protection of SIQURA™ and Stay Cleans application protocols to keep you in business.

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres

Protect the customers need for your retail therapy by securing your retail environment with Stay Clean’s SIQURA™ protocols. From department stores to malls, to the high street, we can protect your people, customers and even your non-perishable stock

Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse & Logistics

You may have a big space, but Stay Clean, and SIQURA™ can cover you and the team. Let’s talk about how?

Aged Care

Aged Care

Our most vulnerable must be our most secure. Stay Clean, and SIQURA™ can support the security of your aged care business for your customers and their families.



 Large and complex areas with dynamic packing and storage spaces that need comprehensive protection for people and products. We can protect your business and keep your operations running.



International and national transport hubs that need to have the most robust protection barriers possible. SIQURA™ with Stay Clean’s protocols can provide the required protection.


Corporate Offices

Our workforce’s way of working has changed, and slowly we will see a percentage come back to the towers and office blocks. However, they will be anxious, and they need to feel secure. Your business has a new responsibility, and you need to provide the security they need. Only SIQURA™ and Stay Clean’s partnership with your Facility Manager or Commercial Cleaner can give you the surety of 30 days protection on low touch and 24 hours on high touch areas.


Casino & Gaming

Australia needs and wants entertainment. Don’t let COVID disrupt the comeback for you and your customers. Be secure in knowing Stay Clean and SIQURA™ have the right solution for you and your Facility Management supplier.