The SIQURA™ difference

With an estimated 80% of infectious diseases occurring through contact with hands and surfaces, it’s time for a new approach to surface sanitation.

While traditional disinfectants only do half the job, with most evaporating within five minutes leaving surfaces vulnerable to re-contamination, SIQURA™ creates a microscopic layer over surfaces providing continuous protection. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and easy to apply SIQURA™ is the best way to protect your surfaces from bacteria and viruses.

Long Lasting

The ongoing protection of SIQURA™ makes it more effective than standard disinfectant. Protect surfaces from bacteria and germs for up to 30 days and your own hands for up to 24 hours.

Broad Spectrum

Tested against a wide range of pathogens, SIQURA™ is an effective way to protect against the most common threats against your health including COVID-19.

Stays on Surfaces

SIQURA™ bonds to a wide variety of materials and surfaces. As it dries, it forms an organosilane matrix that doesn’t leach, so you know it will remain where you apply it.

Friendly for everyone

SIQURA™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant doesn’t contain chlorine, bleaches, carcinogenics or endocrine disruptive chemicals.
Breaking down into harmless organic compounds makes it safe around food, your pets, your little ones and the environment.

Protecting your health

Bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts can contaminate all types of surfaces, including your skin. They spread rapidly causing sickness and can be very dangerous to anyone who may be immune-suppressed. By killing these germs you can protect yourself.

Antimicrobial technology

Providing protection against a broad range of microorganisms, antimicrobial technology is used in and on a variety of surfaces to control bacteria, fungi, and algae, helping reduce issues they cause including deterioration, staining, odors and health concerns.