To stay Comprehensively COVID Secure you need to know how much SIQURA™, how often, and the optimum application method. Stay Clean has you covered with our comprehensive online Training and expert Consulting services.


Our products will make businesses Comprehensively COVID Secure if it is applied correctly. There are different environments, and some will require specific application methods. Stayclean’s training enables our Facility Management and Commercial Cleaning partners along with our direct small business customers to ensure they are implementing best protocols in their use of our products.  

Simple video training protocols are provided to you and your team to ensure your use and application of our products gives you the peace of mind and security you need. 

Electrostatic Spraying

Applying our products with Electrostatic Spraying devices requires knowledge about where this method is better suited than Fogging and hand application, and how to deploy the product correctly.  

Stay Clean doesn’t only sell the recommended Spray devices, we provide the protocol training on how to make the environment Comprehensively COVID Secure using our products.  


Larger workspaces such as high-rise offices buildings, warehouses, significant retail spaces, gyms, studios, factories, malls, and airports can be Comprehensively COVID Secure with Fogging Applications of our products during times the workforce and customers are not on site.  

Fogging is an effective and efficient process and Stay Clean has the complete training protocols and the recommended Fogging devices to support your team. 

SIQURA™ Volume Requirements

SIQURA™ is more economical than traditional disinfectant and bleach products, and it is bio-based, non-alcohol, durable and secure. Different environments and application methods require careful attention to ensure the right amount of SIQURA™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant Protectant is applied to create the protective polymer to provide residual efficacy on high touch surfaces for up to 24 hours and low touch surfaces for up to 30 days.  

Stay Clean provides the training protocols to ensure you always get it right and can be assured that your site is Comprehensively COVID Secure.