SIQURA Commercial Grade Surface Sanitiser 5 Litres

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SIQURA™ Commercial Grade Surface Sanitiser is a simple and effective way tokill bacteria and protect surfaces for up to 30 days*. It eliminatesodour-causing bacteria and inhibits mould and mildew.

SIQURA Commercial Gradewill destroy bacteria on the treated surface.Allowing the product to dry will also coat the surface with amicroscopic protective layer for continuous protection.It is ideal for use around children, pets and plants.

SIQURA is a broad spectrum commercial grade surface disinfectant thatkills > 99.99% of bacteria, and forms a long lasting, invisible barrier whichdefends surfaces against microbial attack (and biofilm formation),continually for up to 30 days.

SIQURA Commercial Grade Surface Disinfectant is applied wet ontoclean dry surfaces. As it dries, it forms an organo silane matrix ofelectrostatically charged spikes that bond to a diverse range of surfacesand substrates. Unlike all non-bound disinfectants, SIQURA does notleach from (or leave) the treated surface, it does not deplete in microbial

Through a bio mechanical process, the electrostatic charge interactswith the bacteria lipid layer, resulting in permanent destruction of thebacterial cell. Because the organo silane isn't consumed in the disinfectionprocess, it remains ready to continually defend treated surfaces againstcontamination and bio film formation.

SIQURA Commercial Grade Surface Disinfectant has been tested againsta wide range of pathogens include Legionella, E. Coli, Pseudomonas,Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus Hirare, Salmonella and AspergillusNiger. SIQURA commercial grade surface disinfectant meets or exceedsEN1276 and AOAC 991.47/48/49 hard surface carrier test.

SIQURA is the smarter clean, being convenient to use, sustainable,non-leaching, long lasting and above all, friendly to humans, pets andplants. SIQURA contains no chlorines, bleaches, carcinogenic orendocrine disruptive compounds and in final life, SIQURA breaksdown to form harmless organic compounds.

Comes in a 5 Litre bottle.
A printed empty spray bottle for easy use is available too -SIQ1719.

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